In the Shoalhaven Region, property owners who wish to build on bushfire-prone land must often deal with a frustrating and convoluted application process. In order to ensure a successful building application, Mackay Bushfire Risk Assessments has a thorough awareness of the Shoalhaven Council’s requirements and is able to provide a set of reports and certificates (BALs).

How we help


Having Andrew Mackay’s extensive experience in the building and construction industry, qualifications, and experience will help new and existing property owners simplify the process of getting planning approval for developments by a (BPAD) Accredited Practitioner.

Building contractors and property owners can get a lot of value from an experienced assessor, who has a history of working in the local community and has established relationships with Shoalhaven Council.


The Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands regions are home to numerous bush fire prone areas. As such, we assist developers with determining if the land is suitable for development or subdividing, along with the associated costs involved. Bushfire Risk Assessment Reports for Single Dwellings (s.4.14) to Integrated Developments (100B) Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificates are some of the services we offer our customers to assist them with making the right choice regarding bushfire reports.

We at Mackay Bushfire Risk Assessments offer bushfire risk assessment services that evaluate the risks that some properties or new developments face. We provide a range of services when constructing or designing a development in a bushfire prone environment. This includes services in all aspects of building and planning, and also includes considerations for new buildings, subdivisions and renovations.


Prior to making payments on a development, you can identify bushfire risks that may arise as a result of the pre-purchase assessment by a (BPAD) Accredited Practitioner.

During this assessment, the purpose is to help clients understand what they are up against before they begin the treatment process. When buying or building on a bushfire-prone or bushfire-prone piece of land there are certain limitations relating to the use of land, the design of buildings, the choice of building materials and the cost of building.

Nevertheless, this report does not replace a full bushfire risk assessment, which may yet be required in connection with the submission of a development application. There may also be a need for a Bushfire Attack Level (BALs) Certificate in order to comply with the development requirements.

Providing complete bushfire risk assessment reports to Council for the purposes of a Development Application (DA), Mackay Bushfire Risk Assessment provides these services. Having extensive experience, construction and bushfire qualifications to assist with the creation of living within a bushland environment by a (BPAD) Accredited Practitioner.

It is important to understand that your report will include all the steps you need to take in order to achieve your desired development. The benefit of engaging Mackay Bushfire Risk Assessments at the earliest planning stages is that you will achieve greater chances of getting approval, reduced BAL ratings and building prices, as well as avoiding costly delays.

This Bushfire Risk Assessment Report is essential for all subdivisions, revisions to boundaries and dual occupancy and subdivisions for fire protection (SFPPs) in rural, rural-residential and residential areas that are vulnerable to bushfires by a (BPAD) Accredited Practitioner.

Mackay Bushfire Risk Assessments can undertake a thorough assessment of your bushfire risk early in the design process, which will help prevent delays and expenses, planning restrictions, and potentially maximise your development outcomes.

In accordance with the NSW RFS document ‘Planning for Bushfire Protection’ 2006 and AS3959-2009, Mackay Bushfire Risk Assessments perform comprehensive bushfire risk assessments for development applications. These developments require the Bushfire Safety Authority (BFSA) of the NSW Rural Fire Service (NFS). This authority is facilitated by section 4.46 of the EPA Act 1979 in conjunction with section 100B of the NSW Rural Fires Act 1997.

As part of the Mackay Bushfire Risk Assessment process, we work with you, keeping in mind the specifications of the site, the construction process, as well as the environmental conditions relevant to the building, and provide you with a report detailing what needs to be done to ensure compliance with legislation.

A bushfire attack certificate (BAL) is a document that states your land or development is at risk of bushfires that declares your level of bushfire attack and mandatorily must be prepared by a (BPAD) Accredited Practitioner. As per Australian Standard (AS) 3959-2009, this certification proves that the development is not in the Flame Zone or BAL 40. It is a statutory requirement in the State of New South Wales as the undertaking of Complying Development on bushfire prone land must meet this requirement. 

This is a NSW legislative requirement if you are carrying out Complying Development on bushfire prone land. It must be prepared by a (BPAD) Accredited Practitioner – Mackay Bushfire Risk Assessments are recognised under current NSW planning legislation.

As part of our services, we are responsible for reviewing and confirming your BAL rating to make sure that your development is done in a manner that minimises any risk to people and property as well as establishing the appropriate level of construction required based on the potential of bushfires.

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